Of Moon and Leaf, French Edition

Of Moon and Leaf is now available in French! 

This translated French edition was created by Erell from Axolotl Jrd. Thanks Erell! :)

"De Lune et De Feuille" features a new layout, and includes several new artworks by myself. 

Axolotl is a small inclusive team of French speaking TTRPG creators, artists and translators, with a focus on accessible, inclusive and caring works. I'm very happy to have collaborated with Axolotl on this translated edition. 

To find out more about Axolotl Jdr, check out their website, or here on itch.io.



Along with this release, the English edition has been lightly updated with some minor corrections. In future, I am planning to further update the English edition to include the new artwork. 

Thank you very much for playing Of Moon and Leaf, and welcome to any new French speaking players who can now enjoy it too. :)


De Lune et De Feuille (Of Moon and Leaf, French Edition) - fr.v1.0.pdf 7 MB
Jul 21, 2023
Of Moon And Leaf - v1.0.2.pdf 6 MB
Jul 21, 2023

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